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BSIA issues retail access control advice

BSIA issues retail access control advice

As retail security becomes more important to businesses in the UK there is an increasing array of technological options open to them.

For this reason, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has released a new guide, which aims to improve a business owner's understanding of the benefits of access control security systems.

Mike Sussman, chairman of the BSIA's Access Control Section said: “Retail environments have a number of factors to consider when securing their premises - including valuable stock, cash and a number of employees working varied shift patterns."

He believes that the benefits that access control can bring to the retail sector are vast, as they provide reliable and cost effective solutions to ensure that the resources held on premises are kept secure.

The BSIA states that access control systems can easily be added to an existing security infrastructure, which includes fire roll call technology and CCTV to ensure the maximum protection of a property.

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