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Basingstoke fighting burglary spree

Basingstoke fighting burglary spree

A string of burglaries can cause panic and concern in any town, so it is no surprise to find police are keen to put a stop to a run of thefts in Basingstoke.

Detectives are investigating seven burglaries in just five days in the Hampshire town, with a range of items taken from local homes, reports the Basingstoke Gazette.

The series of burglaries started in the Brighton Hill and Hatch Warren areas of the town, with homes targeted and cash and jewellery stolen. In particular, properties in Birches Crest, Mathias Walk, The Crofts and Ellington Drive were hit by the thieves.

Following these incidents on January 16th, a handbag was taken from a home in Grove Road on January 18th, although thankfully this has now been recovered. And two burglars were disturbed by a victim in his own home in Magus Drive on January 20th.

Despite giving chase, the pair of thieves managed to get away from the man and they remain at large.

Later the same day they could have been in action again, as thieves are known to have climbed on to the roof of a conservatory at a property in Olivers Walk, from where they broke into a house through a first floor window.

Jewellery was once again on their agenda, as a necklace made of African animal hair and a gold necklace were included in the haul. They belonged to the homeowner's late mother, meaning there was a sentimental as well as a financial loss.

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