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A buyers guide: The cost of cheap security

When buying a home security system you could be sacrificing quality to save a few quid. Here is a buyers guide to help you know what your package should include.
A buyers guide: The cost of cheap security

Everyone likes the opportunity to bag themselves a bargain or save a few quid, but when it comes to home security systems you could be sacrificing quality by paying a low or heavily-discounted price.

When something seems too good to be true, it normally is, which means if you're being offered a system for a seemingly-cheap price, then something may be amiss. Now, this won't be the case every time, but you must ensure that you're not compromising on quality for lower costs.

Home security systems must give you the peace of mind that your home is protected when you're not there, but that feeling may not be achieved if you worry about the quality of the system that has been installed.

Here are a few features that should come with any system you're considering and if not, then the price is probably too good to be true.   

Tailored service

Any burglar alarm system you purchase should be tailored to for your specific security needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. The product also needs to comply with the latest industry standards, to ensure your home is kept safe at all times.

In addition, any company you are considering should provide you with the latest technology, as an up-to-date system will offer you the best service possible. Ideally, the alarm will also be compact, so it doesn't overwhelm the room.

SECOM is a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold Award winner, meaning they work to the highest recognised security industry standards, dictated by the emergency services and insurance industry.

Each basic package installed by the firm includes two wireless detectors and one wireless door contact, with more included for larger homes. Once fitted, if movement is detected and the alarm is not acknowledged by the homeowner, then it notifies staff at the receiving centre who can take any necessary action.

24/7 monitoring

One of the biggest factors that sets a regular burglar alarm apart from a home security system is the fact that highly trained staff members monitor your home 24 hours a day. This means that if your alarm is triggered and you are not there, a trained response officer, keyholder or police can be sent to the property.

The technology fitted in your home should be state of the art and let you know when the alarm is triggered, as soon as it happens.  

SECOM's trained control centres deal with over 3,000 calls each day and can identify the real deal, which is why they have won a prestigious Metropolitan Police award for reducing false alarms.


If the package you're considering only comes with the installation included then you may want to shop around as your new home security system ought to come with the guarantee that someone will fix it if there is an issue and upgrade it when necessary.

A quality product should come with an excellent after-sales service, made by a team of engineers that know the system inside and out, meaning they can repair or make any improvements swiftly, causing as little disruption as possible.

As an NSI Gold Member, SECOM products come with the highest standards of maintenance and customer care, offering the peace of mind that the service doesn't stop as soon as the home security system is installed.

Additional extras

You should also have the option to add additional extras for a reasonable fee, depending on your needs. SECOM has a basic package and a premium system, as well as allowing customers to add extra measures.

The basic system is still a market leader, providing a enforcer 32-zone control panel, two wireless key fobs, two wireless passive infrared (PIR) sensors, one wireless door contact, a fully working external sounder, two SECOM window stickers, and fully audible external and internal sirens. In addition to all this, the premium package includes a monitored smoke detector, keeping your home protected against fire, as well as thieves.

Customers can also pay for some optional extras, such as a PA system, pet tolerant PIR sensor and shock sensor.

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