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8-year-old child escapes school for an hour

8-year-old child escapes school for an hour

Headteachers and school governors may want to reassess their security systems after an eight-year-old pupil wandered off educational premises for over an hour.

His parents told the Western Gazette that he managed to get out via a fire escape after being excused to go to the toilet from an IT lesson.

One of his parents, who did not wish to be named, said: "He only wanted to go home. He managed to walk home but when he knocked on the door we weren't there as we had gone to pick him up from school."

He was found by his parents by the road at the school and despite the length of his absence, when they took him to reception, the staff were unaware that he was missing.

The school is now taking steps to improve its onsite security and making health and safety checks to ensure that children are unable to leave the grounds unsupervised.

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