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Wrexham residents turn to CCTV to stop arson attacks

Wrexham residents turn to CCTV to stop arson attacks

Angry and concerned residents of a North Wales estate are aiming to implement the power of a CCTV systems network to end a series of arson attacks, which they have been subjected to over the last year.

Caia Park Community Council in Wrexham believes the surveillance cameras could provide a deterrent and investigational aid to the ongoing attacks, which have resulted in more than a dozen cars being burnt out since November 2011.

Carri Harper, a member of the community council and one of the people who saw her vehicle go up in flames, said that CCTV is needed to make the perpetrators think twice before they attempt to do it again.

"We want this because of the arson attacks, the council has the money for the scheme and we think it would deter troublemakers," she told ITV Wales.

North Wales Police have already used CCTV to slash the number of retail crimes in Holyhead by over 50 per cent.

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