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Video technology 'delivering swift justice'

Video technology 'delivering swift justice'

CCTV systems have long been known for their role in preventing crime and catching perpetrators, but similar technology is now playing a prominent role in the justice system too.

Justice minister Damian Green has seen how saw how a video-link system and tablet devices are able to increase efficiency at Maidstone Magistrates' Court.

The video technology is being used between the court and 12 police sites to speed up the process - saving police time - and allowing vulnerable and intimidated witnesses to give evidence in a separate location.

Tablet devices allow prosecutors to easily navigate through case material, saving significant time and money.

Mr Green said the court and the Crown Prosecution service is leading the way in delivering effective justice.

"I want the justice system to respond more effectively to the needs of victims, witnesses and professionals and what I have seen today is a great example of this being delivered locally," he added.

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