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Victims of crime may no longer get compensation

Victims of crime may no longer get compensation

Many commercial premises may want to invest in security systems following a change in the rulings that provides compensation to victims of violent crime who receive minor injuries.

Legislation changes come into effect that will prevent people in England, Wales and Scotland from receiving payouts after receiving injuries such as a broken nose, mild concussion, temporary deafness or minor burns.

Ministers said the reforms will cut £50 million off the annual £200 million bill, but the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw) said many retail staff who become injured during armed robberies and assaults will now lose out.

Usdaw stated that the government should "never again have the gall" to say they put victims first.

The Ministry of Justice commented that it is "dedicated to preserving compensation to the most seriously-injured victims of crime".

It added that where less serious injuries have been caused, taxpayers' money is better spent elsewhere.

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