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Traders: CCTV will make shoppers feel safer

Traders: CCTV will make shoppers feel safer

Traders have said the installation of CCTV cameras will help their customers feel safer when they are out shopping.

Oxford City Council is to install the security systems in an effort to cut down on vandalism in the area, while many shoppers had expressed discomfort at the large number of people who loiter outside the stores.

One of the shop owners Mohammed Abdul Haque told the Oxford Mail it was important that the CCTV systems were in operation before the busy Christmas shopping period.

He added: "We have had several problems before, but with the lack of CCTV or evidence police could not do anything so the people responsible got away.

"With CCTV we will have fewer problems and the business will run better."

City Council spokesman Louisa Dean said that it is currently looking at the most effective places to install the cameras and they should be in place by autumn.

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