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Talking CCTV camera fitted in Sutton Bridge park

Talking CCTV camera fitted in Sutton Bridge park

Residents of the Lincolnshire village of Sutton Bridge are to see security improvements at Memorial Park thanks to the installation of a talking CCTV system.

The local parish council has spent £8,000 implementing the new surveillance setup, which is designed to monitor the children's play areas, the public toilets and the car parking areas, reports the Spalding Guardian.

One innovative addition to this system is a loudspeaker at the play area that will broadcast loud verbal warnings to any troublemakers as soon as their misdemeanours have been observed.

The cameras will be monitored from a screen inside the parish office at the Curlew Centre, while certain councillors will also be able to check the cameras from home at any time of day.

Parish council chairman John Grimwood said: “It's added security for the kids playing in the Memorial field and it's added security for the cars."

Located in south Lincolnshire, Sutton Bridge has a population of around 4,000 people.

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