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Surrey village rolls out CCTV systems to cut crime

Surrey village rolls out CCTV systems to cut crime

Four new CCTV cameras will be installed in Stanwell in an effort to lower the crime rate in the vicinity.

Spelthorne Borough Council has announced that they will be erected in key locations across the village that will provide strategic coverage along its perimeter, reports Get Surrey.

The locations have been chosen as a result of consultations with the local residents and Surrey Police.

Cabinet member for community safety councillor Penny Forbes-Forsyth, said interest in the project from residents had been remarkable.

She added: "Safety is one of our priorities and so these new cameras are a welcome addition to our resources in the fight against crime in our communities."

During the consultations, concerns were raised about crime and anti-social behaviour in other areas, which will now be investigated and followed up separately.

CCTV campaigner Andrew McLuskey said he is pleased with the progress, but felt the coverage could be extended to include automatic number plate recognition cameras.

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