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Streamlined CCTV services help to save council funds

Streamlined CCTV services help to save council funds

The increasing flexibility of newer CCTV systems are leading to a raft of savings for councillors and companies looking to operate within smaller budgets.

Indeed, the latest example of this is the joint scheme in Cambridge that could see cameras in the city being monitored in nearby Huntingdon in a cost-saving initiative imagined up by the two councils.

Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridge City Council believe the monitoring set-up could save them combined running costs of around £200,000.

Councillor Tim Bick told the Cambridge News: "The proposals set out reductions in operating costs whilst safeguarding the quality and effectiveness of our CCTV services."

Nick Guyatt, deputy leader of the district council, added that residents should have the right to feel safe within their community and a comprehensive CCTV infrastructure can help in the fight against crime in the area. 

Councillors will now consider the detailed review before consultations start with unions and staff groups.

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