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Sony outlines advantages of CCTV

Sony outlines advantages of CCTV

Global electronic giant Sony has released a new white paper, which highlights how retailers can use video surveillance and in particular HD CCTV systems to help protect their premises from thieves.

Info4Security reports that the industry document covers the basic threats and challenges and explains how the latest technology can mitigate them.

Although retail is one of the most diverse commercial sectors, Sony argues that video surveillance can be integrated in shops of all sizes, restaurants and clubs with relative ease.

UK businesses were shown to be the most at risk of shoplifting in the whole of Europe, with thieves taking a £620.3 million bounty in the six weeks from mid-November to Christmas Day alone.

This is far higher than the continent's other economic powers France and Germany, which will see £441.4 million and £452.5 million be taken respectively. 

Sony states that CCTV can help retailers not only by directly lowering the amount of stock that is taken, but can also act as a deterrent to staff, preventing dishonesty, vandalism and ram raids.

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