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SIA unveils new online licensing process

SIA unveils new online licensing process

Providers of security systems, staff and services could benefit from a new online e-Renewals process.

This could in turn lead to a more effective service for end users.

The Home Office's Security Industry Authority (SIA) has announced that the new infrastructure will simplify the process of renewing or applying for additional licences in the UK, allowing customers to know that there will be fewer problems with licence bureaucracy in the future.

Assistant director of customer service and quality improvement at the authority Christy Hopkins explained: "We have been working with companies throughout this project to ensure that the service is tailored to meet their needs."

She added that the aims of the new system are to reduce the costs of the applications process and help firms manage the licensing of their employees more effectively.

Having the whole process online means that there is no longer the need to print off and submit forms.

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