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Security 'top priority for oil and gas sector'

Security 'top priority for oil and gas sector'

The potential and perceived vulnerability of oil and gas infrastructure worldwide continues to drive security systems investment in the sector.

New research from industry analysts Frost & Sullivan found that critical facilities security will remain a top priority for fossil fuel companies this year, as an escalating demand for their product and a growing threat become more apparent.

"Global oil and gas companies are investing capital in new infrastructure projects, driving the need for security solutions at these facilities," commented Frost & Sullivan's aerospace, defence and security senior research analyst Anshul Sharma.

The report entitled Global Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security Market Assessment suggested that there is currently a trend for total solutions, which will give a flexible integration of individual security systems like access control, CCTV and intrusion detection all on one platform.

There will also plenty of investment in cyber security following a number of attacks on energy companies in recent years.

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