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Security systems 'need to be backed by staff training'

Security systems 'need to be backed by staff training'

Staff are often the weakest link when it comes to modern security, an expert has said.

"Those who attack us have no wish to spend a lot of time and money defeating our technology. They attack the user, which is much easier," Tony Dyhouse, cybersecurity director at the UK Technology Strategy Board's ICT Knowledge Transfer Network told the Guardian.

He said for this reason it is now crucial that firms invest not only in security systems, but training that helps employees in all levels of a company aware of the threats that they could possibly face.

Kevin Bailey, research director of European security software at IDC explained that more than 60 per cent of external attacks target employees via social engineering, using opportunistic and unexpected communication through email and social media.

This threat is exacerbated by the bring your own device trend, with a recent IDC report finding that 30 per cent of companies now allow staff to use their own smart devices for work purposes.

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