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Security industry 'adapting to new threats'

Security industry 'adapting to new threats'

A new report by IMS Research has found that the security industry is in a constant state of flux as it continually adapts to developing threats across the commercial and residential sectors.

Info4Security reports that the company found that IP surveillance was becoming as critical as traditional methods of protection such as CCTV systems and intruder alarms.

Paul Bremner from IMS Research said: "As more IT integrators have been entering this market they have been fundamentally changing the way security systems integrators do business."

He explained that now the best security systems often require a lot of planning and monitoring – especially with IP-based technology.

Mr Bremner added that this has led to the monitoring costs experienced at the user end increasing slightly, but the actual equipment and installation expenses are falling across the industry.

Worldwide, the security industry is expected to be worth $38 billion (£27.3 billion) by 2016.

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