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Security firms ready for HD cameras and big data

Security firms ready for HD cameras and big data

Businesses looking to utilise the power of HD CCTV systems will have to be prepared for the amount of data the high-tech video surveillance will create.

According to new research from IHS, in the coming years HD video cameras will become the norm as more and more companies learn of their benefits.

In the Enterprise and IP Storage used for Video Surveillance report, IHS outlines that shipments of high-res cameras are continuing to rise and this will mean that in the next four years, the amount of data produced on a daily basis will double to 859 PB.

To put this in some sort of identifiable measurement, 413 PB is the amount of data currently captured by HD CCTV systems on a daily basis and this equates to 92.1 million single-sided, single-layer DVDs or four times the amount of photo and video data stored on Facebook as of February 2012.

IHS believes that HD CCTV will be at the heart of big data and security systems will adapt to produce ever more sophisticated digital video recorders and other means of handling and processing the information captured by the surveillance market.

HD cameras are only going to gain more market share over the next four years, said Sam Grinter, senior surveillance analyst at IHS. 

He explained: "These cameras are gaining acceptance because the quality of their video can be superior to standard-resolution products that formerly dominated the market. But because each HD camera produces far more data than each standard-definition camera, the quantity of data generated by the surveillance market is growing to massive proportions."

One of the new ways of handling this data will be to use high-compression algorithms such as High Efficiency Video Coding standard, also known as H.265, which will have double the data compression ratio when compared to the existing H.264 algorithm.

Intelligent surveillance solutions such as video content analysis (VCA) will also be utilised. VCA can be used to actually reduce the amount of time a video surveillance camera needs to record by using virtual tripwires and no-entry zones. 

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