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SECOM Flying Security Robot Drone Catches 'Burglar' in the Act

See the world's first autonomous flying robot drone used for security purposes in action - catching and identifying a would-be burglar in the act!

The private security drone, which measures just 60cm across is capable of quickly responding to a security threat, using four separate sets of rotors to fly to the scene. Alternatively, it can be pre-programmed to patrol areas that aren't covered by static cameras.

Carrying advanced image analysis technology, the drone can capture high clarity, identifying images of a perpetrator, transmitting them wirelessly directly to SECOM. Simultaneously, the robot drone is capable of autonomous flight, allowing it to keep a constant distance from a subject, recording and monitoring their movements.

The drone can currently be rented by firms in Japan from SECOM although there are plans to bring this exciting security technology to other countries in the near future.

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