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Retailers warned of shoplifting sprees in run-up to Christmas

Retailers warned of shoplifting sprees in run-up to Christmas

Retail businesses all over the country may want to take measures to ensure their security systems are up to the task of protecting their assets, as police forces are warning of increasing shoplifting incidents.

The clocks have reverted to GMT and the prospect of darker nights and busier stores in the run-up to Christmas means many businesses will be targeted in the coming weeks and months.

Officers in County Durham will carry out high-visibility patrols on foot and in vehicles and offer shopkeepers the opportunity to speak to them about security measures.

Also, a mobile police station will move throughout the area offering crime prevention advice and community safety tips. 

PC Kimberley Marshall of Bishop Auckland police told the Northern Echo: "Operation Ruby was launched last year which was highly successful, both crime and anti social behaviour remained low and we forged great links with all shops in the area who are all members of an excellent shop watch scheme."

Businesses offering high-value clothing and goods in Glasgow's Style Mile have also been warned of increased shoplifter activity. Police believe that organised gangs and opportunist thieves will be operating in the area over Christmas and New Year and have launched a crackdown.

Elsewhere, officers in Hartlepool have issued warnings to food stores and grocers, as Cleveland Police were called to 75 incidents of shoplifting where food and other groceries had been stolen in the past few weeks.

Police advised retailers to make use of effective deterrents such as CCTV systems, which they say are an important weapon to fight against crime. As well as being a visible warning to potential shoplifters, evidence collected by video surveillance cameras can also form the basis of any subsequent investigational proceedings.

Retailers are told to ensure that any CCTV systems they install are positioned in such a way that they can record clear images of offenders' faces.

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