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Residents group calls for CCTV to deter fly-tippers

Residents group calls for CCTV to deter fly-tippers

An upset and fed-up residents group is urging local police and borough councillors to install CCTV systems to protect a road that is blighted by fly-tipping.

Homeowners in Banstead have seen everything from general rubbish to an old bath being thrown across their road in an ongoing problem, reports the Surrey Mirror.

Warning signs have been erected to discourage the perpetrators, but the problem remains and authorities are no closer to finding out who is doing it.

"I would like the police to get some CCTV up because, unless there's something to pick the trucks up, the chance of a patrol car being around as it happens seems slim," said John Dickson, Woodmansterne Residents' Association chairman.

Surrey Police said that CCTV could be an effective option, but fly-tipping comes under the jurisdiction of the borough or county council.

The council has urged any witnesses to the fly-tipping activity to come forward and report it.

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