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Residents 'delighted with CCTV'

Residents 'delighted with CCTV'

Residents of tower blocks in Queensway have stated that they are delighted with changes in their quality of life after CCTV systems were installed.

In a letter to Southend Council and South Essex Homes, they wrote: "Residents now feel happier to use the lifts and more secure in the knowledge that any anti-social or criminal behaviour will be recorded to assist the police and other authorities in identifying those responsible."

The cameras were installed late last year following a local publicity campaign run by the Echo which called for drastic improvements to help people whose lives were being ruined by constant crime, including drug dealing and antisocial behaviour.

Lesley Salter, the official responsible for housing at the council, said that he was happy to work with residents and was delighted that the CCTV cameras have already had such a positive effect in what is a relatively short space of time.

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