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Police warn of shoplifting sprees

Police warn of shoplifting sprees

Retail businesses across the UK may want to bolster their security systems as police warn of shoplifting incidents.

Officers in Omagh said the high incidences of theft could lead to a number of business closing.

It is estimated that shoplifting cases in the Northern Irish town have doubled since last year and traders were told to be on their guard for gangs targeting local outlets.

"They come in in groups and try to distract you and in many cases you don’t discover that something is missing until they are long gone," one shop owner told the Tyrone Herald.

A similar warning was issued by police in Fleetwood, where businesses have recorded a 28 per cent rise in the number of thefts so far this year.

Officers stated that CCTV vans are being mobilised to crime hotspots and all film footage available will be fast-tracked to help with investigations into shoplifting.

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