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Police use CCTV to help protect rural village

Police use CCTV to help protect rural village

Concerned parties are turning to CCTV systems in their efforts to keep residents and businesses of a rural community safe.

The devices have been placed by the Hathersage Safer Neighbourhood Team in the village of Curbar to help the local police keep the area free from crime, reports the Derbyshire Times.

Now they will be used by officers to investigate any offences that are carried out in the region and the Neighbourhood Team believes they will provide reassurance to those who live and work in Curbar.

To make the area more intimidating to criminals, warning signs alerting people that the community is protected by CCTV cameras have also been placed throughout the village.

PCSO Anthony Boswell from the Safer Neighbourhood team said: "These cameras will be extremely useful in helping us to keep the village and its residents safe.

"They will act as a great deterrent to criminals and if a crime is committed, may help us track down the offenders."

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