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Police tell scrap metal yard owners to be vigilant

Police tell scrap metal yard owners to be vigilant

Commercial property owners may want to take steps to increase the security system presence at their sites after a police warning.

Scrap metal dealer Chris Sowerby from Appleby was ordered to hand over cash as he was tied up and beaten by three masked men and officers have linked the offence to a similar incident in Kendal last month, reports the Westmorland Gazette.

Police told scrap dealers in Cumbria in particular to be extra vigilant.

Detective chief inspector Lee Johnson said: "Police have been working closely with scrap metal dealers to advise them about the need to harden premises and home addresses in light of the recent incidents."

Cumbria Constabulary states that it is keen to promote security systems when in comes to both residential and commercial properties and explained that they come in two forms, those which are monitored and result in an automatic police call-out and alarms which deter criminals by audible means.

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