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Police and council use CCTV to tackle anti-social behaviour

Police and council use CCTV to tackle anti-social behaviour

CCTV systems are being used by Staffordshire Police in an effort to curb the number of anti-social behaviour offences that they are seeing in the Burton area.

A spokesman for the constabulary said residents and businesses in the Napier Street area of Anglesey are increasingly seeing problems with issues with antisocial behaviour, reports the Burton Mail.

“As a result, East Staffordshire Borough Council have installed CCTV at the location to identity anyone acting inappropriately and to deter any further offences," they added.

Personal cameras will also be used by officers in the area in an effort to capture any criminal activity on film.

It is the second time in recent weeks that police officers and councillors have resorted to CCTV as a way of tackling criminal damage and littering in Barton.

Similar problems were seen in Collinson Park before the borough council installed a CCTV camera there, using a grant from a local neighbourhood development fund.

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