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Panasonic releases new CCTV range

Panasonic releases new CCTV range

Panasonic has announced that it has released its latest range of CCTV systems.

The i-Pro Smart HD 360 degree dome cameras in the WV-SW400/WV-SF400 series are designed with more than 50 years of CCTV experience, states the maker.

Panasonic believes that the range will bring many key advantages to companies and businesses looking to protect themselves from criminals.

A 360-degree viewing angle enables large areas to be covered, so fewer devices will need to be installed, cutting down on energy costs and installation expenses.

Footage can also be stored on the camera unit itself, meaning that businesses will not need an additional local mobile NVR.

According to a report from the deputy chief constable of Cheshire and Association of Chief Police Officers lead on CCTV Graeme Gerrard, last year there were 1.85 million cameras operating in the UK, with the vast majority of these being owned by private firms.

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