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New CCTV technology has many benefits to retail

New CCTV technology has many benefits to retail

The advent of video analytics may make the use of CCTV systems even more prevalent in the UK's retail sector, according to an industry expert.

Writing in Retail Week, Anthony Hildebrand explains that more sophisticated systems will make the data captured by cameras useful for a wide range of operations in the sector.

Video analytics means that footage recorded by in-sore devices can be implemented in marketing, customer service and IT, making the investment in CCTV seem much more appealing to retail companies.

The increasing reliance on digital technology is also a benefit for shop owners, as a traditional analogue system would require the installation of three sets of cables for power, video and camera control.

A networked IP system only uses a single Ethernet cable to provide all three of these, reducing the costs of installation, maintenance and materials.

These new systems will also be able to provide better integration between sites, added Mr Hildebrand.

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