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MoD to pioneer cyber crimes partnership

MoD to pioneer cyber crimes partnership

The UK is aiming to boost its security systems in response to a growing cyber crimes threat.

Companies in the defence sector face cyber attacks almost on a daily basis and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is hoping to work alongside these companies to develop a best practice for dealing with the threat.

This will be called the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership and incorporate firms such as Rolls-Royce and BAE.

It is hoped an effective working practice can be developed and shared with other industries that are also prime targets for hackers. 

"This is a clear demonstration that government and industry can work together - sharing information, experience and expertise" said minister for defence equipment, support and technology Philip Dunne.

The government's National Security Strategy ranks cyber attacks as one of the top four threats to UK national security and earlier this month, UK intelligence service GCHQ said that Britain repels around 70 sophisticated cyber-espionage operations every month.

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