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Major stores seeing benefits of access control

Major stores seeing benefits of access control

The move from older relay and input devices to newer access control systems has proved to be a successful one for the John Lewis store at Liverpool's largest leisure and shopping centre.

Access control security systems were employed to provide a well-rounded and adaptable solution to the multitude of security issues that the store faced.

As well as the security benefits that the systems brought, store bosses were able to incorporate them into their existing operational infrastructure, meaning that employees could use their cards for cashless vending, which reduces the chances of internal shrinkage.

Cards could also be used to arm or disarm intruder alarm systems, which can log the movements of one specific individual and reduce the number of false alarms.

"It's been a great investment as we are able to seamlessly expand the system in the existing sites or can add new sites without significant cost to the business," said Paul Newbury, development manager of business protection at John Lewis.

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