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Integrated systems 'allow a new level of control'

Integrated systems 'allow a new level of control'

A number of recent research pieces and forecast reports have predicted the explosion of integrated security systems in the next 12 months.

In an effort to explain what this means to end users, CCTV expert Tim Cocks, has produced a guide for IFSECGlobal.

He explained that in essence an integrated system is when a wide array of security devices come together to work under the control of a single management system.

Mr Cocks said that video surveillance, access control, time and attendance monitoring, visitor management systems, intruder alarms, lift control and fire systems can all be combined to give each end user the specific type of protection that they require.

Crucially, integrated systems allow the management operators to have one single control panel and they will not need to switch between the multitude of different systems like they may have needed to do in the past.

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