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IFSEC highlights security trends for the future

IFSEC highlights security trends for the future

IFSEC Global has published a list of some of the key trends that it believes will be driving the security systems industry forward in the future. 

CCTV expert Adam Vered's list is headed by cost. He explained the expense of security products is becoming increasingly difficult to calculate as more services that require subscriptions are added to a basic protection package. However, in terms of start-up and capital costs, prices will begin to fall as the production of IP security components becomes more effective.

Another factor driving the cost of security systems down will be the range of security products available, with end users now having a choice of budget and premium options.

The second trend was identified to be simplicity and this is widespread across all technology markets at present. Users will be looking for products that possess a very simple and intuitive interface and according to IFSEC, the use of a traditional all-in-one network video recorder will be superseded by simple-to-use software

Another movement expected in the security sector is the shift towards vertical solutions. Specific industries - such as the transport, construction and healthcare sectors - will find a range of products can be designed to work together to heighten security in a much more effective manner than if a end user purchased standalone security products.

Integration was also a trend that Mr Vered highlighted, stating: "Within the last 12 months, I do not recall a specification for a medium to large-sized project that failed to mention integration. Intruder, CCTV and access control are now expected to interact."

He believes that intelligent integration via software developer kits will become much more widespread across IP solutions.

The final trend mentioned by IFSEC was the adoption of mobile security access. CCTV system end users want to be able to access their video surveillance systems via mobile devices, as the handheld gadgets tend to be an integral part of people's daily lives.


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