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Home Office warns of sophisticated cyber threat

Home Office warns of sophisticated cyber threat

Firms who make use of IT infrastructures may want to assess their security systems as the Home Office has warned that cyber crime is no longer the preserve of bedroom hackers.

James Brokenshire, the security minister, is hoping the police and businesses can stay one step ahead of the organised criminals and has announced the creation of a new Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership to help tackle the growing threat.

"The reality is that cyber criminals are organised and global, with a new breed of criminals selling 'off-the-shelf' software to aid gangs in exploiting the public," he said in a speech at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

Mr Brokenshire said he was confident that the government will remain committed to the fight against cyber crime, but stated that end users can also help themselves by installing the most up to date security software and ensuring that passwords are strong.

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