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Home Office announces new code of practice for entry rights

Home Office announces new code of practice for entry rights

The Home Office has announced that it will establish a strict code of conduct that will provide guidelines that aim to prevent public bodies from abusing their right to enter homes and business premises in the UK.

Lord Taylor announced yesterday (January 23rd) that the initiative will begin after a six-week consultation which will consider what should be included.

There are currently around 1,300 rules and pieces of legislation that allow public authorities to enter private homes and businesses to enable investigations to be carried out.

"Powers of entry will always be vital for the investigation of crime, but this new code of practice will ensure they are used proportionately and not abused," stated Lord Taylor.

The Home Office wants the new code to include guidance for the use of any powers, including a recommendation to give 48 hours' notice.

A recent piece of research by Marketandmarket found that many companies will seek to control who enters their property with the use of security systems such as door access devices in the coming years.

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