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Home Office announces 12 rules for CCTV

Home Office announces 12 rules for CCTV

The government has issued a new code of conduct for the use of CCTV systems by local authorities in public places.

James Brokenshire, the crime minister, said the code helps ensure balance and is a step closer to "surveillance by consent" as it was designed to help keep the public protected, while curbing an excessive or irresponsible use of the systems.

He added: "The public must … have confidence that such surveillance is appropriate and proportionate and that those who operate camera systems … demonstrate integrity in doing so and can be held to account."

The code is made up of 12 rules which include showing that there is a need for the cameras in a specific location, holding regular reviews to ensure that the use of CCTV is justified and making a contact point for complaints and transparency issues visible to the local community. 

Currently, the code covers councils and police, but could spread to schools and shopping centres in the future, the Home Office said.

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