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Experts guess trends for security this year

Experts guess trends for security this year

The calendar has turned to May and the final preparations for this year's IFSEC and FIREX International trade show are well underway.

It will showcase the latest and greatest security systems and be held at the Birmingham NEC on May 13th.

In the past few years, key themes that have swept the industry have been identified at the event.
These have included the migration to IP CCTV security solutions, video analytics systems and hybrid technologies.

IFSEC Global spoke to some security experts ahead of the expo and asked them what they thought would be the key trends for 2013.

Among those highlighted were the need for education around a new standards-based structure of security systems, a continuation of the demand for IP-based devices and apprentice opportunities.

Another area of the industry that could take off is the move to high definition cameras, which can offer much clearer images to end users.

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