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Exeter man sets up CCTV to catch criminals

Exeter man sets up CCTV to catch criminals

A man in Exeter has showcased the benefits of CCTV by catching several local criminals in the act in his street.

John Hatch of Sylvan Road invested in security cameras after growing increasingly fed up with some of the incidents of vandalism and antisocial behaviour that were taking place outside his home, reports the Express and Echo.

The latest case occurred on January 17th and involved three men loitering in the street close to his property, before one is believed to have defecated in the bushes.

Footage from the CCTV system he has installed showed the trio of men gathered in the road before one heads into the bushes, is passed some tissue and is later seen emerging while adjusting his trousers.

Mr Hatch and his wife have complained to the local university and the police, although there is nothing at this stage that indicates those involved were students.

It is not the first time unsavoury incidents have taken place in Sylvan Road, as in July 2012 a drunk student poured a bin full of vomit over Mr Hatch's car. He complained to the university and the culprit was subsequently identified and sent to apologise in person.

He believes students are a problem in many areas and residents are being forced to put up with antisocial behaviour on a regular basis in places with plenty of young people.

"They need to be a lot more considerate towards people who actually live here. These are our future doctors, police officers and solicitors," Mr Hatch said.

The case is further evidence that installing CCTV in and around a home can be an effective way of identifying the culprits involved in acts of antisocial behaviour.

Of course, it is not only students who can be caught out through the use of CCTV, as it is also a useful tool in securing convictions in cases of more serious crimes, such as burglary.

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