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EU hoping to install CCTV on fishing boats

EU hoping to install CCTV on fishing boats

Just days after Animal Concern called for CCTV systems to be installed to monitor the meat supply chain in the UK, the EU Council of Ministers is due to vote on plans which could see the cameras be used in the fishing industry as well.

CCTV devices that have been used as part of a trial to protect fishing stocks across Europe have so far had a profound effect, cutting the number of cod discards from 38 per cent to just 0.2 per cent.

This has meant that fishermen on the trial have been obliged to land all the cod they catch, whatever the size of the fish and have been rewarded with increased quotas and extra days at sea.

The EU's fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki is hoping to push through compulsory CCTV on board ships so that fisherman cannot cheat on the deal, but stressed that it will need the support of the majority of the people who operate within the industry.

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