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Enfield council bosses hail CCTV

Enfield council bosses hail CCTV

Council bosses in Enfield believe that people who commit crimes in the area will no longer have any place to hide after they finished the installation of new CCTV systems.

Enfield Borough Council states that the cameras will not only provide police with crucial evidence for their investigations, but will also help reduce fear of crime in the local communities.

More than 20 new devices will be added to the existing 259-camera strong network, which was already responsible for 1,000 arrests from April to December last year.

"Enfield is a safe borough but we want to make it the safest in London for our residents and make it a nicer place in which to live, work and visit," said cabinet member for community wellbeing and public health Christine Hamilton.

She added that the new CCTV will make it easier for police to reduce crime in the areas of the borough where the number of incidents is higher than others.

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