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End-to-end vertical solutions 'will be the next big thing'

End-to-end vertical solutions 'will be the next big thing'

Object detection is a feature that is well known to users of CCTV camera systems and has contributed to the overall increase in capability. 

However, attendees at the fourth Intelligent Video 2.0 Conference have received a demonstration of the ways in which technologies are evolving, with end-to-end vertical solutions incorporating much more than traditional security applications. 

All-over-IP experts at the conference have highlighted how advanced vertical solutions can help businesses to improve productivity and increase the efficiency of their operations. 

More and more companies from a wide range of industries - including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics and more - are choosing to purchase video analytics solutions in an effort to better their marketing, security solutions, human resources and sales application.

The technology will be demonstrated in further detail at the sixth edition of the Annual International All-Over-IP Expo, which will be held in Moscow on November 20th and 21st. Over 30 leading suppliers of communications solutions have confirmed participation and many more are expected to be announced before the event.

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