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Digital CCTV to drive HDD market

Digital CCTV to drive HDD market

More and more firms are set to make use of the improved storage capabilities that are inherent to digital CCTV systems.

According to a Storage Space Market Brief from information and analytics provider IHS, the market for hard disk drives (HDDs) used in video surveillance will surpass the billion-dollar level by 2017.

The primary cause of the increase will be the need for more storage capacity to cope with the higher quality images that the cameras are capable of capturing.

IHS suggest that the revenue figures translate to a projected total of 7.3 million shipments by 2017, which is up from the 2.4 million units sold last year. 

"The HDD industry as a whole will reap the benefits of a fast-growing video surveillance industry that requires ample storage, with the need for higher-quality video, network connectivity and cloud storage also driving the market," said Fang Zhang, analyst for storage systems at IHS.

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