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Crime commissioner unveils CCTV funding

Crime commissioner unveils CCTV funding

A newly-appointed crime commissioner has pledge £100,000 for the installation and monitoring of CCTV systems in an effort to reduce the amount of crime and antisocial behaviour in Cumbria.

Richard Rhodes said that he was taking the step to help improve the quality of life of residents in Allerdale and the surrounding communities, reports the Times & Star.

"I have asked the leaders of the district councils to consider their CCTV provision alongside other tools to tackle antisocial behaviour," he said.

Mr Rhodes added that he hopes the one-off funding will be enough to reduce the impact of antisocial behaviour by not only helping to punish offenders, but by providing a future deterrent to those who would seek to commit crimes.

The crime commissioner is also proposing to provide enough funding to the Community Safety Partnerships for the next 12 months and councils have until March 11th to submit business cases outlining how the money could be used to help local communities.

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