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Councils to use CCTV to punish illegal motorists?

Councils to use CCTV to punish illegal motorists?

CCTV systems could be used by local councils instead of police to help catch motorists who break the law by driving in or illegally parking in cycle lanes.

Local government officials told the House of Commons that police forces were too "stretched" to provide the service, but someone will need to as the public health benefits of getting more people on their bikes will be worth it.

The Local Government Association (LGA) said that the police's openness in the matter had led to motorists flouting the rules and currently very little is done to dissuade them.

"In most instances, existing staffed CCTV would be used. Should drivers feel unfairly penalised there would be a fair and straightforward appeals process," said Peter Box, chair of the LGA’s transport board.

Transport minister Norman Baker said the government was currently reviewing the proposals from the LGA to make the motoring offences a civil rather than a criminal matter.

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