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Councillor hoping to install CCTV to protect businesses

Councillor hoping to install CCTV to protect businesses

Worried traders are hoping to have a meeting with the ward council after a spate of crimes against shops and businesses in Bradford.

Councillor Geoff Reid said he will try to raise funds for the implementation of CCTV systems after two businesses in Eccleshill were burgled and a convenience store was robbed by an armed attacker.

Also, a nearby garage suffered an attempted break-in. All of these crimes have occurred in the last week.

Mr Reid told the Telegraph & Argus: "It seems to be a rising trend and the most important thing from the police point of view is to identify where hotspots are."

Just last week, business owners in Lincolnshire received CCTV protection when the local council agreed to install three cameras to record footage outside of their stores.

The local authority said the traders wanted the cameras and it thinks that the measure will help lower crime rates in the area.

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