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Council uses CCTV to boost safety at Sussex schools

Council uses CCTV to boost safety at Sussex schools

CCTV systems are being used to keep school children safe from drivers who disobey parking restrictions in Sussex.

Adur and Worthing Councils are concerned that too many motorists are parking illegally outside five schools in the area, the Argus reports.

As a result, a car equipped with a CCTV camera will monitor these locations in an attempt to clamp down on the problem and hopefully encourage children to develop better habits when they eventually learn to drive.

"We are involving the children in the hope that they will remember the fun and be a more sensible next generation," a spokeswoman for the council commented.

The official said it is hoped this approach will engender a more positive response from drivers than going in heavy-handedly and imposing penalty charge notices.

CCTV systems will be deployed at St Mary's Primary School, Chesswood Middle School, Vale First and Middle School, Heene Primary School and The Globe Primary School.

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