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Council makes use of CCTV's new capabilities

Council makes use of CCTV's new capabilities

Ash Parish Council is considering investing in more CCTV systems to help reduce the number of anti-social behaviour incidents.

Offences such as fly-tipping and vandalism have been a rising problem in the area in the past few months with Get Surrey reporting that there was 70 anti-social crimes in May as a whole, following on from 79 in April.

This track record means that CCTV is now one of the top priorities for the council.

The authority wants to install flexible new cameras within lamp posts.

Nigel Manning, chairman of the parish council, said that the cameras it already owns have proved to be successful in the fight against crime.

"A lady who had her car vandalised several times in the Longacre area reported it to us and we were able to bend the security camera around so that it faced her vehicle to work out what was going on," he explained.

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