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Concerned residents asking council for CCTV

Concerned residents asking council for CCTV

Residents are calling for authorities to install CCTV systems to help combat a dog mess problem.

Despite more than 100 complaints about an alleyway between Heath Way and Northumberland Way, not one penalty notice has been issued to dog owners so far.

Christine Melville, who lives next to the notorious dog mess-ridden alleyway, told the News Shopper that she is not surprised by the lack of punishments handed out up to now.

She said: "Unless you've got evidence or see them doing it, people won’t be caught.

"I don't think people change, people don't suddenly care. You are either responsible or not."

However, she believes that the use of CCTV systems will bring the prospect of fines to dog owners and could help to act as an effective deterrent.

A Bexley council spokeswoman explained that often those reporting the problem will not provide specific details of who is committing the offence.

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