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CCTV will be used to bring football hooligans to justice

CCTV will be used to bring football hooligans to justice

The UK's sports minister has called the football fans who took part in violent scenes at Wembley on Saturday (April 13th) 'stupid' as the power of CCTV systems means they are highly likely to be caught and banned from future matches.

Wigan faced Millwall in an FA Cup semi-final and fans were involved in a number of offences that led to 14 arrests at the time.

However, politician Hugh Robertson said that the extensive CCTV presence in Wembley will no doubt lead to more arrests.

"I'm amazed by the stupidity of those involved this Saturday. Wembley is a fantastic modern stadium. It's got cameras at every angle," he told BBC radio.

He said that football authorities will now work alongside the police to identify those responsible and deal with them appropriately

Detective chief inspector Andy Barnes added that a significant investigation is already underway and once people are identified they will be brought to justice in a swift and robust manner.

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