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CCTV users should keep an individual's perspective

CCTV users should keep an individual's perspective

A CCTV systems expert has said that the security industry - and the country as a whole - will benefit from improving the general level of public trust towards the surveillance business.

Writing for Info4Security, Anthony Hildebrand explained that the systems providers need to remind their clients, whether commercial corporations or public sector bodies, that they need to maintain an individual's perspective.

He explained that simply stating 'if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide' mantra is not helpful for anyone concerned and will only further disharmonise option about CCTV.

Instead, the security industry and those who use video surveillance need to see the opinions and the feelings of the public as a priority in the future if the technology is to achieve its potential.

Mr Hildebrand writes: "The industry needs to embrace sensible regulation, to insist on transparency and to become an advocate of privacy legislation."

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