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CCTV used to make cyclists feel safer

CCTV used to make cyclists feel safer

CCTV systems will be employed at a Cumbrian rail station in a bid to ensure that more commuters and tourists get on their bikes in the area.

Millom Railway Station will get video surveillance and more sheds to reassure people that it is safe to leave their bikes there while they take trains to work and other places.

It is part of a new government initiative to encourage cycling in the county and Northern Rail, which operates the station, stated that it hopes this will attract more cyclists.

Spokesman Craig Harrop said the funding will also be used to promote the station to cyclists and invested in more signs.

Transport minister Norman Baker explained that the money has come from a £200,000 kitty which is being spent on promoting cycling in the west of the county. The government hopes that the initiative will not only heighten safety, but also make people fitter and improve public health.

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