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CCTV usage 'trebles in Scotland'

CCTV usage 'trebles in Scotland'

The use of CCTV systems in Scotland has become much more widespread over recent years, according to new figures.

In the past decade the number of video surveillance devices in the country has trebled and now stands at more than 4,000, reports The Scotsman after obtaining the figures via a Freedom of Information request.

Local authorities and police forces have been the driving force behind the rise of CCTV in Scotland as they have spent more than £8 million to maintain and improve their networks, which are seen as a key tool in the fight against crime, in the past 12 months alone.

There are now at least 4,114 public-space CCTV cameras and mobile camera vans up and down the country and hundreds of people are employed to monitor them around the clock to keep residents and businesses safe.

The Crown Office and the local councils report that the cameras have provided evidence in thousands of court cases.

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